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    Christmas Eve at Rancho Texas
    Erwachsener: €40.00 p.P , Kinder: €22.00 pp (bis 12)
    Erwachsener: €10.00 p.P , Kinder: €5.50 pp (bis 12)
    Informationen zu Tagen und Abholung
    Ungefähre Abholzeit :
    18:00 - 19:00
    Ungefähre Rückkehrzeit : 23:00 - 00:30
    Die Zeiten sind unverbindlich und hängen davon ab wo Sie untergebracht sind
    Abholung an der Unterkunft

    Wir holen in Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca und Arrecife ab - direkt an Ihrer Unterkunft oder am nächstgelegenen Abholpunkt.

    Dauer: mehrere Stunden
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    • Christmas Eve at Rancho Texas: Ausflug - Details

    If its fun, dance, music and laughter you´re after then step into the Wild West, an all inclusive experience packed with entertainment from start to finish.

    Join the crew from Rancho Texas and see Christmas in Lanzarote in in style. Now folks, lets tell you exactly what happens: No matter how you arrive at the ranch, whether it be by bus, taxi, car (or stagecoach) join in the fun with our Christmas cowboys and Indians who will meet you on horseback.

    Be warned our “Long Ranger” (yep long not lone) is one mighty big fella!!! However also be prepared for “Crazy Horse”, he´s been known to take a scalp or two!!! Escape from those two and you face “Billy Bobs” hold up. You will need to know the password to keep him happy, so a “Yeehaa” will see you safely into the ranch.Hand in your tickets to the voluptuous “Lusty Lil” who along with “Calamity Jane” will see you to your seats. (But be aware gentlemen they have been known to steal a kiss or two whilst taking your tickets).

    Free flowing beer, sangria and soft drinks await you, served by the cowboys, cowgirls and Indians with a Christmas twist. If you need more booze just yell out the password (Yeehaa) or even HO HO HO!.Yep as long as you stay Yeehaain´ and HO HO HOin we stay refilling all night long. Now´s also a good time, if you forgot your stetson etc to visit our great little souvenir shop.

    And now the fun really begins, a comedy spot not to be missed as Billy Bob and the Long Ranger take each other on, but who will win? Then fun for all ages with the cowboys, but ladies beware our boys love a short skirt. Time to enjoy our delicious eat as much as you like BBQ buffet. Succulent chicken, ribs, jacket potatoes, salads, sauces and ice cream for dessert. For little cowboys and cowgirls who prefer, we also have chicken nuggets and chips.

    After your meal watch the dance team strut their stuff and enjoy our fabulous Whip and Lasso duo, “The Dakotas”, “Feathers and Bloomers” our saloon girls show you what they can do with a chair!!!

    Now while the children are playing games and having fun with our Lil Indian Girl “Free Spirit”, it´s your turn to sing and dance to our live band “The Texas Bandits” who play a great selection of old and new country & western, plus a few party favorites thrown in for good measure.

    After all that take some time out and let our talented dancers entertain you, and then have a go at line dancing yourself with the infamous “Calamity Jane”. But be prepared she will have you thigh slapping and toe tapping in no time.

    For fellows brave and over 18 why not buy a ticket and test your skills on our Rodeo Bull.

    Hang on tight for the Buckin´ Ride of your life. Grab your partners and take the floor for some good ole´ country classics with the Texas Bandits, then sit back and relax and let the gang give you a send off you won´t forget. Yeehaa!! See you soon folks.